This is Cat Nap, a small, single-screen PICO-8 game about being a cat, getting pet and taking naps. You can also be a nuisance in one very specific way.

There's no goal or any real mechanics. It's just a pleasant little experience, hopefully.

I made this for #GAMESMADEQUICK3DASH2. Thank you to eevee for hosting the jam! This is my first time making anything in PICO-8, and also my first time developing a game or making pixel art in years. I had a lot of fun.


Move: Arrow keys

Nap: X

Turn around: Z

Time passes in the game every time you press one of these keys.


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I got the dog to track mud too. Nice.

At first I was running away from them, but then I was like, no wait... follow me.

I had the same change of relationship to the dog when I was developing this. Thank you for playing!

Very cute :3 I did enjoy getting mud just absolutely everywhere

Thank you for playing!



Thank mew for playing!

This is so cute! It really was a pleasant experience.

The only true issue is that it made me wish I were a cat.

Aww, I can relate. Thank you for playing!

I love the artwork! I did not know about the mud, but it was very fun to try. If you are looking for something to add, I'd suggest adding an animation to some objects when you interact with them, like those old point and click games.

Very relaxing and I enjoy the fact that you sink behind the tops of plants, which adds a realistic perspective.

Thank you so much! That’s a good idea, I might do it if I feel like tinkering with the game some more.

Mud! Mud everywhere O_O

At first I wasn't sure about what I could do, but once I've discovered that if I stepped on the garden I would bring mud inside.. xD

Thanks for this short game about killing some time, it put a smile in my face :)

That’s exactly what it’s meant to do!

To be honest, I struggled quite a bit to come up with stuff to do, but once I got the mud working I felt like there was something there. Thank you for playing.

Slept on the keyboard, slept on the counter, slept in the sink, got pets, went outside, tracked mud on every single tile I could, then laid down for a nap while both me and the dog were getting pets. 10/10


Sounds like you did the 100% run! Thanks for playing.